Multimedia Campaign Delivers Sales Uplift

We worked with Grace Foods to find ways of generating a sales uplift for their Nurishment milk drink. Having successfully obtained listings with a number of the supermarket majors, the challenge was to both demonstrate a commitment to supporting these listings and also to deliver an increase in sales.

There wasn’t a huge budget available by fmcg standards, but we worked closely with the marketing team at Grace Foods to develop a cost-effective campaign.

We worked with our client to create an audience segmentation, and out of that choose a group that we could reach efficiently, then we developed a creative route likely to resonate with them.

The target audience was young males, and we developed a tongue-in-cheek football themed campaign that appeared in print (Nuts magazine), online as pre-rolls to Premiership football highlights, and on television with an advert shot on handheld cameras and a shoestring budget.

The result: a 30% uplift in like for like sales.

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