Design & Development

We’ve broken this rather broad topic down into four areas: Web Design, WordPress Development, Brand Design, Graphic Design:

Web Design

Web design is important. For many, if not most, organisations your website will be the first point of contact for a potential client or customer.

This is where strong web design has to meet great user experience. The world is moving inexorably towards mobile friendly websites and the traditional desktop view, whilst still important, is now but one of many factors to take into account. Our approach is to make sure our web designs look great and work well in all formats: desktop, tablet and smartphone so that we cater for both users and website administrators (let’s hear it for those working with the backend…) wherever and however they may be accessing the website.

We’ll work with you to ensure the web design of your site positions your company as a leader, and connects and resonates with your audience, generating leads, attracting new business, and creating opportunities.

Wordpress Development

WordPress development: Our web development tool of choice is WordPress, open source software that powers millions of websites around the world.

At the time of writing, there about 77 million of them which means there’s simply loads of tools, plug-ins and other brilliant functionality to make WordPress development easier, quicker (and cheaper) to get an outstanding end product. Our finished sites are HTML5, retina ready, and mobile responsive.

So whether you’re looking for a simple lead generation site or small business website with an integrated blog, you want to launch an online course, or you need more advanced functionality such as membership options, event ticketing, e-commerce tools, or social networks, we can help with WordPress development. We’re really good at helping deliver some of the more complex challenges, especially those requiring third party integrations.

Brand Design

Everything people think and feel about your business starts with your brand design and their experiences with it.

The most successful brands have a distinct voice, character, and personality. Our brand design services bring your voice, as well as the spirit and feel of your brand to life with vibrant, powerful design that makes a statement, captures attention, tells your story, and invites others to join your tribe and join the ride.

Does your brand design represent where you’ve been or is it a reflection of where you’re going? Does it fire you up or leave you cold? Whether you’re building a new brand or revamping an existing brand, we can help.

Graphic Design

As much as we love web strategy and conversion processes, we love graphic design and its ability to convey messages.

Graphic design has the power to transform an average business into an extraordinary brand. Design supports your content and enhances your story, while stirring emotions, shaping perceptions, compelling action, and opening doors to new opportunities. It includes the exact elements needed to achieve its goal, nothing more and nothing less.

As your creative partner, we breathe life into your business and brand with stunningly executed design that tells your story, supports your message, and gives you a visual competitive advantage.