A smaller marketing agency

We are a smaller marketing agency because that’s how we wanted it to be. This hasn’t stopped us working for big clients on specific assignments. There are three main reasons why small is good – we list them below:

There are fewer miscommunication misunderstandings

In companies where there are more than 30 people, you’ll likely talk with a person who will then talk with someone else about your project.

You remember the telephone game. It can sometimes be like that. With a smaller marketing agency, the key people are present at your meetings and will hear from you directly.

Lower overheads means more original work.

It’s a fact that with a larger agency you need more staff to manage everything – from production staff, to finances, to project management, to sales and marketing. The result of non-billable staff is that everyone else has to be highly productive.

This drive for efficiencies can lead to agencies being tempted to re-purpose previous jobs, because it’s cheaper to do that. Whilst that’s great for their productivity, it may not be quite the innovation you’re looking for.

Smaller marketing agencies try harder

Do you remember the old Avis campaign “We try harder.” Arguably one of the most effective campaigns ever. Smaller marketing agencies rely on word-of-mouth referrals and repeat business, so they work very hard to delight their clients.

With fewer staff, however, they can’t afford to have to re-do work. As a result, you may find they’re working harder to earn your respect. You may find, like many large brands have, that when you hire small agencies you get a lot more bang for your buck.